Successful Project Management Takes GeniusInside
Ready to take the next step to help streamline your project management and simplify access to valuable data? Well, it takes a Genius. Literally.

Genius Inside, creators of Genius Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software suite for IBM Lotus Notes, Domino and Web use, have released Genius Project4Domino V6, developed to bring all aspects of a successful project management program under one umbrella.

Features and Functionality

Genius Project4Domino V6 and Genius Project V2 now include key cross-departmental and customizable functions such as:

Built-in Budgets

Provides greater flexibility in budget development by allowing the user to define the level of detail, line item breakdown, and budget timeline. 

Prioritized Project Requests

Allows users to manage priorities and balance project requests according to strategic issues, the investment picture and performance. 

Integral Invoicing

Incorporates start-to-finish project invoicing to improve margin overview, project results and cash flow. Only Genius Project4Domino and Genius Project allow true invoice planning directly from the Gantt, to keep cash flow on pace with project planning.

Invoices are generated directly in MS-Word format incorporating client file details such as address and billing information, and can be customized, edited and archived. Invoice details can also be exported to an MS-Excel worksheet once the invoice is generated.


Integrated Invoicing

Definable Dashboards

Offers 100% user-configurable dashboards, as well as a collection of pre-defined dashboards, suitable for most needs and able to be modified to display customized views and graphics, while maintaining drill-down properties that reveal the details behind the big picture.


Definable Dashboards

Seeing the Big Picture

Companies often have difficulty conceptualizing the workflow process. As a result, Genius Inside works to help them see the big picture, while also letting them have "greater flexibility and visibility across all aspects of the project management landscape."

Version 6 of Project4Domino includes lots of new functionality aimed not only at helping companies streamline tasks better, but at better estimating the funds, purchasing and resource requirements for each project, right from the start.

That's not just good project management, that's good for business.