Synaptris, a leader in the in the Lotus Notes information management market, has announced the general availability of FewClix, an email productivity add-on for Lotus Notes that helps users perform many email tasks faster and more effectively, for enterprise deployment.

Email Productivity is a FewClix Away

Having been in private beta since October 2009, FewClix benefited from the input of a robust user base and is now ready for public consumption. It has already caught the attention of some mid-sized enterprise companies who want to improve the accessibility and efficiency of email for their employees.

We spoke with Synaptris’ CEO, Madan Kumar about how FewClix empowers enterprise email users to take control of their email with functionality that allows them improve their relationship with Lotus Notes. 

Increase Enterprise Productivity -- If not organized and managed properly, employees can spend lots of time immersed in their inboxes. FewClix can save users time with basic search and sorting tools designed to keep users up-to-date and organized about meetings, documents and email reply-chains.

FewClix QuickSearch Bar.jpg

With the FewClix “Quick Search bar” you can enter or select whatever you remember about the email you are looking for and FewClix narrows it down to the email you need!

Increase in Work Effectiveness -- Using Smart Filters, users can prioritize emails associated with higher priority work tasks without being distracted by other lower priority emails.

FewClix Smart Filter & Refine Search.jpg

The Smart Filters pane in FewClix is designed to assist you in isolating only those set of emails that you want to work on immediately, so you can get to it without distractions and with a few clicks.

Manage Multiple Archive Merging and Search -- Users can seamlessly work within their archives, sorting by date, recipient, sender and attachments, making it easier to keep continuous and relevant data accessible.

FewClix - Mail & Archive Search.jpg

FewClix Beta enables users to find the emails they need by searching across their primary mail, archives and offline mail files at the same time! The search merges the emails that match the search criteria and delivers precise search results within the FewClix interface.

Who Uses Lotus Notes?

Initially, the FewClix platform will be available to the 250 million Lotus Notes users around the world. Which begs the question: there are people still using Lotus Notes?

It’s not everyday that the words Lotus Notes gets tossed around. When you think enterprise email management, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange come to mind. Yet, back in 1989, when IBM’s Lotus Notes 1.0 was launched, it was considered a revolutionary product because it combined email, encrypted messaging, import and export of other formats and the ability to tailor the accessibility of any database to specific users. And many in the enterprise purchased thousands of licenses.

Lotus Notes evolved over the next decade to be one of the key players in the email software space, but was quickly usurped by Microsoft and the fact that its own interface failed to keep up with the times.

But companies still use Lotus Notes and IBM has been working to secure partnerships with companies to develop add-ons to help make it better.

Enter Synaptris, which has been delivering flexible, easy-to-use reporting solutions and new generation products for the information management space for more than ten years. Synaptris’ FewClix isn’t just an innovative product designed to make managing email easier, it’s also a way to make Lotus Notes more relevant in the enterprise.