The company is called Mobophiles. The solution, Mobolize is a new limited beta that offers the ability to not only speed up your connection to SharePoint (news, site) and the web in general, but also take SharePoint offline. Interesting, but how does it work?

Mobile Files For Your Laptop

The Mobolize solution is a way of virtualizing the web, or caching a copy of selected websites, on your laptop to access when you are offline. While it is designed to work for other websites like Google Maps, Yahoo, NYTimes and, what we are interested in here is SharePoint.

The solution creates a dedicated space on your hard drive that caches a copy of your selected websites. To make it work with SharePoint, a little extra design had to take place.

Mobolize is at work even when you are connected to the network. For remote offices or limited connectivity, you still access the cached copy, with the data synchronized as necessary. Data is automatically synchronized in the background -- you can't tell if you are working offline or online.

Full SharePoint Functionality Offline

Working within your Internet Explorer browser, you have full access to your SharePoint site when you are offline. This includes all web parts, libraries, lists, calendars, wikis and discussions. You also still have the ability to open documents in MS Office and upload new ones to your document library.

Check out this video on Mobolize for SharePoint:

Mobophile's Mobolize for Microsoft Sharepoint screencast from Will Chow on Vimeo.

Mobolize is different from solutions like MS Groove and Colligo which work primarily with documents and lists. It offers complete SharePoint functionality offline, complete with security. Colligo does have a similar view of SharePoint, but it doesn't appear to be able to display dashboards and web parts in addition to libraries and lists.

What About Large SharePoint Sites?

This does sound like a good solution, but one does wonder how well it will work with very large SharePoint implementations. Can you select individual sites and libraries to take offline? This seems like a better fit for small to mid sizes implementations where the amount of data is not very large.

Limited Beta - Get it Now

The intent is to offer a free version of Mobolize for pubic websites. But additional functionality required to run SharePoint offline will be available only in the commercial version.

A year in development, this beta program is only available to the first 1000 users who register. So if you are interested in seeing how SharePoint works offline, head over to Mobolize and sign-up. If you make that exclusive list of users, you will get a free copy of the final version when it becomes available.