Telerik (news, site), the well-known provider of development tools and the Sitefinity content management platform, has announced the release of two new products: JustDecompile, an assembly browsing and decompiling tool, and JustTrace, an application profiler.

.Net Tracing, Decompiling

JustDecompile and JustTrace are the most recent additions to Telerik’s broad offering of developer productivity tools. Both products are currently available as betas and Telerik promises a commercial launch in July 2011.

A decompiler allows users to take an existing compiled  asset, like a .dll, and more easily browse the symbols it contains, and then decompile the asset back to easily readable C#. JustDecompile is a free, standalone tool that will compete with Red Gate’s popular, and previously free, Reflector. Reflector is now $35, leaving an opportunity for a free decompiling and assembly browsing tool. Key features of JustDecompile include:

  • Side by side assembly loading to support multiple .Net versions
  • More accurate decompiling of complex language structures such as lambda expressions
  • Automatic updates to the software

The product is free, but not open source; Telerik promises that the decompiler will always be free. Telerik is also accepting feedback on the product. Users can suggest new features for JustDecompile on the company’s site.

In addition to JustDecompile, Telerik is also extending its developer tools portfolio with JustTrace. JustTrace includes memory, sampling and tracing profilers in one tool for optimizing the performance of multiple application types including:

  • Local Application -- executable file on the local computer
  • Running Application -- application that is already running
  • Silverlight Application
  • Local ASP.NET web site -- web site folder on the local computer

JustTrace includes several snapshot views to analyze memory and performance metrics. During profiling, performance data is collected on-the-fly and users inspect it using a Live Data view or in a snapshot. The snapshot allows users to analyze the data, identify performance problems and define a strategy to optimize performance.


JustTrace LiveData View

JustDecompile and JustTrace joins Telerik's existing tools such as JustMock and TeamPulse, with the company's ALM platform making them one step closer to a one-stop developer productivity stop.