Teragram Cuts the Wiki Down to Size

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MyGADS Enterprise
For all the Blackberry addicts and smartphone aficionados who have been unable to leverage the power of their personal or corporate wikis, Teragram has a solution for you.Teragram, the self-proclaimed leading provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, is putting a new spin on an old collaboration favorite - the wiki.What makes this wiki offering different from myriad other solutions is that this one can be searched and edited on Blackberrys, as well as other mobile devices. Unfortunately named MyGADS Enterprise Edition, the offering capitalizes on the success of the consumer version of the same product that was made available in March 2007 - MyGADS.com.While the idea sounds interesting, the thought of trying to interact with a wiki from a mobile device seems like it would be tedious at best and frustrating at worst.Teragram hopes to assuage these concerns with its patented Direct Answers technology.This allows a user to enter a question, the content of which is searched for across all the pages of the wiki with a single result being returned.For example, a member of a marketing team adds a page to the MyGADS wiki with information about an upcoming trade show.Another team member can then enter the following search term from his or her phone: "Address for Trade Show," then receive just the necessary information from within the pages of the wiki.While the offering is compelling, two questions quickly come to mind:# Is this functionality really more convenient than simply calling one of your teammates and having them give you the address to the trade show over the phone?# How does the application handle disambiguation?In other words, what happens if there are multiple pages in the wiki with information about trade shows?In what can be construed as an attempt to address these concerns (though only experience will tell us for sure), Teragram provides the following list of possible applications that help better parse out the right information:* Trip, event and tradeshow planning* Enterprise knowledge base* Customer list* Prospect and sales tracking* Expense reports* Frequently asked questions* Corporate handbooks* Contacts and directories* Research and development* Contract managementFor more information about MyGADS Enterprise Edition, feel free to visit the solution site.Is your organization looking for a wiki solution that will satisfy Blackberry users? Or do you think MyGADS is just a solution looking for a problem?We would love to hear your thoughts.