Nordic River Updates TextFlow; Offers More Freedom
Fresh off its most recent release, Nordic River (news, site), seeking to promote even more productivity and collaboration among its users, has launched a web-based version of TextFlow -  a sort of word processing collaboration Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Textflow for the web allows concurrent editing from multiple writers on the same text document, enabling users efficient and enhanced collaborative intelligence for any enterprise.

Textflow was initially set up using Adobe Air and required users to upload documents into TextFlow by dragging and dropping them into the TextFlow interface. This allowed users to collaborate on the most up-to-date version and then export the final version.

Building off on the original and still relying on WeaveSync Technology to index, match and synchronize documents for collaboration, the new release provides a great deal of freedom. Among its new features:

  • Access to the entire document workflow process through one platform - from creation, to collaboration, to publishing – without being locked into that platform.
  • Maintenance of a full archive and history of each document as users work on it and can share documents with user-selected individuals and/or groups.
  • Open collaboration with anyone, not just TextFlow users, without worry about installation, registration or pesky fees.

Collaborate Faster, Work Anywhere

By taking a decentralized approach, users are free to work how they want, when the want, from wherever they want. Editors and writers will be able to see, accept and compare each others revisions, for better or for worse. This latest version of Textflow also includes significant usability enhancements which let users analyze multiple revisions faster, collaborate quicker and publish finished documents in multiple formats.

Taking decentralization one step further, TextFlow works both in your browser and as installed software on your desktop. With the installed version you need not log in to use it, and you can drag and drop word files directly into TextFlow.

Businesses have a lot of choices when it comes to document collaboration and after awhile they can blend together, making it hard to distinguish what you want from what you get.

Tomer Shalit, Nordic River's CEO is confident that "allowing concurrent work means we give much better support to the way people really work - parallel, iterative and less then perfectly structured." Working more efficiently and productively is in demand, as when done successfully, can save time and money.

Watch a demo, take a test drive, sign up for a free personal edition or purchase Textflow Professional