ECM Institute
Tuesdays just got more exciting in Washington, D.C.

The ECMINSTiTUTE has begun sponsoring a web conference to help the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group discuss options for a Federal government sponsored Knowledge Management (KM) Center. It’s called Idea Tuesday and just a few weeks ago, over two dozen federal agencies including the US Army, Navy, Air Force, FBI, NASA and FAA collaborated online for a presentation entitled "The Federal Knowledge Management Initiative Roadmap."

First, if you live outside the Capital Beltway, this might not mean much. But for those of us who live inside the Beltway, this is something close to a miracle. Bringing these federal agencies together, even virtually, has been akin to combining oil and water. However, a new era has dawned.

Second, if you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll remember our posts about Obama’s administration’s commitment to knowledge management.

Knowledge Management in the Federal Government

The mission of the KM Center is to enact policies, standards and practices to help improve knowledge management throughout government and prevent future disasters such as 911, Katrina and the Shuttle failure. The KM Center will also train federal employees to promote knowledge sharing and to mitigate age wave retirement.

The Initiative Roadmap presentation focused on the “need to get better at sharing” the Federal Government’s vast knowledge assets. Rather simple in its approach, the agencies are cautioned that a “word to the wise” would have help solved some of the nation’s infamous disasters. However, the right words require effective Knowledge Management.

As for the Roadmap, it has two stops:

  1. The Knowledge Imperative: Understand why knowledge management is critical to the Federal government
  2. The Way Forward: Knowledge sharing among government agencies

The Federal KM Initiative Action Plan, on the other hand, has many steps, including:

  • Establish Federal KM Center
  • Create Federal CKO Position
  • Promote web presence and KM awareness
  • Train Federal workers in KM skills
  • Build a knowledge sharing culture
  • Recruit Generation Y employees

As you can probably imagine, the feds have a way to go, but it is pretty neat that they have the ambition.

Attendees were asked to contribute to the list and the discussion will be on-going, as this was the first meeting of many to be held over the next 60 days. You, too can participate. Idea Tuesday is a weekly event open to all professionals in the Enterprise Content and Knowledge Management Industries.