So it was available -- the fourth and final version of the SharePoint Administrators Toolkit for SharePoint 2007 (news, site) -- for a little while. The toolkit, which offers administrative services for both MOSS and WSS3.0 has been released, but is not available due to a file issue in the download package.

The toolkit offers a number of new and improved services including:

  • SharePoint Diagnostics Tool: Version 2 of this existing tool includes a diagnostic tab which executes predefined rules to report on common SharePoint issues, the ability to collect data from all servers in a farm without installing the complete toolkit on all servers using a command line data collection and data import and a trend view room for the performance monitor graph.
  • Permissions Reporting Tool: Probably one of the biggest challenges with SharePoint admin deals with permissions. This new tool provides a number of features for things like finding broken inheritance, comparing permission sets of a child against a parent, viewing effective permissions for a site or object, or a particular user or group.
  • Quota Management command: Changing the quota limit on a site collection was a manual and time consuming process until now. To change a quota limit you still have to use the Central Admin Website. But once you do that, you can then use the updatequota operation the toolkit adds to sysadm to push the quota change to existing site collections.
  • Security Configuration Wizard Manifests: Introduced with Windows Server 2003 SP1, the Security Configuration Wizard applies best practice security to servers, enabling the functionality needed and disabling functionality not needed using the concept of roles. The toolkit includes the particular manifests for MOSS and WSS3.0 that contain the required SharePoint roles.



SharePoint Admin Toolkit

This is the final version that will be developed for SharePoint 2007. A new toolkit will be offered for SharePoint 2010.

Here are your download links for x64 servers and x86 servers for when they actually do become available again.