Zoho Adds Wiki to Web Office Suite

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The Zoho Office team has been consistently adding integrated products to its stellar AJAX Web Office Suite, and picking up some much deserved respect along the way. The latest this week is the Zoho Wiki.Beating the Google Apps (and its JotSpot acquisition) Web Office juggernaut to the punch, Zoho's Wiki is another marvel of the company's innovation.Its WYSIWYG editor borrows many features like HTML, CSS, JavaScript editing and popular keyboard shortcuts from the Zoho Writer word processing application.RSS feeds, an admin dashboard for overall wiki management, separate read/write permissions, and a colorful assortment of skins are just a few of the features that propel Zoho beyond the typical Enterprise Wiki (Open Text, we are looking at you).
As an business application, it also contains some group security features supporting the ability to add, edit and share the Wiki contents among groups.Zoho also adds versioning to its Wiki pages which allow for backtracking through saved versions and recovery from any cut and paste mishaps.Designed to please you SEO wonks out there the Zoho Wiki has specifically been design to be search engine friendly.All of your public wiki pages can be easily be indexed and cached by search engine bots and hence will be listed in search results.Zoho has integrated the wiki into its Web Office Suite quite well. You can take Zoho Sheet (spreadsheets) or Show (Powerpoint like presentations) and embed them into the Wiki. Any changes to an embedded Zoho object are automatically synced both ways whether the edit is made in the Wiki or the Zoho app.You can also embed external objects like YouTube movies (make that Google!) into the Wikis.Additionally, Wikis can be used as part of the Zoho Projects collaboration which is not unlike Basecamp and Writeboards from 37signals. Zoho and their large developer group in India (75 of their 80 or so active developers are in Chennai according to Michael Arrington) have themselves a serious Web Office contender.They boast over 150,000 current users.It remains to be seen however if they can hold up to the Microsoft Office Lives, Google Apps, or even the ThinkFrees of the world.Speculation has it that they are ripe for a takeover by industry giants such a Yahoo, AOL or Amazon. Perhaps true, if such giants do not already have plans hatching.Find out more and catch some demo videos at ZohoWiki.com.

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