AIIM 2008 Conference and Exposition
March 3-6, 2008 hearlds the annual AIIM International Expo and Conference in Boston, MA. Sponsored by AIIM – The ECM Association, it should be a very enlightening and educational experience for anyone who works in the content and information management field. AIIM is an international, neutral and unbiased source for the entire ECM industry – be it vendors, users or the channel in general. It helps over 50,0000 professionals from over 150 countries understand the challenges associated with managing documents, content, records and business processes. The AIIM Exposition and Conference is the world’s largest educational conference and expo for content and information management products and solutions. It’s not just another vendor product selling IT event. It’s an “experiential learning opportunity on the nuts and bolts of executing content and information management strategies”. Attendees will actually be able to talk with vendors and test their products. More importantly though is the number sessions that are led by people from real companies. These people have real life experiences with content and information management that they can speak about and demonstrate. Sure there are speakers from research firms like CMSWatch and Forrester, but the number of non-research and vendor speakers is staggering…and refreshing!

Conference Sessions

There are over 140 conference sessions in 19 different tracks featuring real-life case studies. There are AIIM Training Programs and an exhibition hall that features over 200 suppliers of solutions for any size company. Some of the 19 tracks are as follows: * Content Management * Search/Information Access * Portal/Collaboration * Business Intelligence * Classification/Taxonomy For the full list of tracks and associated sessions, go to the Conference website.

Keynote Speaker Series

The keynote speaker series is also an interesting mix. It all starts with the State of Industry Address: Corporate Knowledge: Share It, Secure It, by AIIM President John Mancinion the 4th. David Pogue, best-selling author and New York Times Personal Technology Columnist will speak on the 4th: The Power of Simplicity will cover the world of software design, providing some real-world examples of successes and failures and a look at interface design in the future. Tony Byrne of CMSWatch, will moderate a panel of CIOs on March 6th. The Future of Information Management: The CIO’s Perspective should be interesting as Mr. Byrne picks the brains of CIOs to frame out possible scenarios on the evolution of information management and supporting technologies. Probably one of the most interesting events in the speaker series (for anyone interested in American politics – and who isn’t watching it closely!?), is Reflections on Super Tuesday: What’s at Stake & What’s to Come... Held March 5 and moderated by CNN political commentator Carlos Watson (commentator during the 2004 election), this session “provides a true insider’s view of Washington's latest political developments and helps you understand the impact they’ll have on your industry and the country”. Panelists include the every opinionated Pat Buchanan, and Howard Fineman, senior Washington correspondent for Newsweek and political analyst for NBC News. These two will go head to head discussing the presidential primaries and their predictions for the upcoming election. Why should you attend? Here are AIIM’s top reasons: * Learn How Other Companies are Managing Content and Information * Evaluate, Assess and Select Information and Content Management * Probe and Test Product and Services * Justify Your Project * Connect with Your Peers The unfortunate news is that this conference occurs at the exact same time as the SharePoint 2008 Conference. So if you are interested in both, you are going to have to choose one. The conference is being held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA and registration costs anywhere from $600 for a one day pass to $1500 for the Gold Full Conference Pass. Head on over the AIIM Conference Web Site for a lot more detail.