Toronto-based content management consulting outfit The Rockley Group pride themselves on being at the forefront of developments in our dear little CM field. Helping to ensure that they stay ahead of the pack and on top of your RSS reader, the Rockley Blog was unwrapped a couple months back. This elegant, uncluttered site features up to date news, announcements and commentary on CMS related issues; reports from recent conferences; and plenty of advice for managers of content-heavy enterprises. Ann Rockley is the founder and President of Rockley (and an occasional contributor to, and hopes to leverage the collaborative features of blogging, as well as the immediacy and convenience of the medium, to enhance both her firm's reputation and her relationship with customers. “When you travel as often as we do, it’s difficult to maintain a traditional publishing schedule,” says Rockley, who is an Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication and teaches at the University of Toronto. “Balancing the needs of our clients and our desire to share relevant information with the industry was challenging. That’s one reason we decided to publish a weblog.” “Blogs are rapidly changing the publishing paradigm and it’s important for us to not only use our own blog, but to understand how blogs can be used in the enterprise.” Hey, now that's a familiar tune. A particular interest of The Rockley Group is DITA -based content management solutions and single sourcing of content -- also known, if awkwardly, as content component management. DITA offerings provide structured, 'one-shot' content writing capabilities which can be used for numerous purposes, thus reducing duplication of effort and vastly simplifying change management. Rockley and company also host workshops and webinars, and have worked with companies like Compaq, Johnson and Johnson, Deloitte and Eli Lilly.