We are all interested to see how SharePoint will implement CMIS - Content Management Interoperability Specification (news, site). We got a bit of feel for how it could speak to a CMIS compliant repository earlier this year.

But it's not just SharePoint that we want to know about when it comes to Microsoft and CMIS. We also want to know how any .NET based content management system can implement CMIS. And we'd like to see it in a similar fashion as the work that's happening now with Chemistry, the proposed Apache Incubator Project whose goal is to create a generic, open source Java-language implementation of CMIS.

We may have the start of the happening now with a new CodePlex project in the works. Called the NCMIS: .NET Content Management Interoperability Services, this project has been created to develop a DotNet library that implements the core requirements of the CMIS spec and a toolbox to help you build your own implementation.

It's still in the planning stages, but the CodePlex site outlines a number of items that could be put into the toolbox including things like Business Classes and related enums for all CMIS entities, Protocol handlers, Sample Producer, .NET CMIS Explorer and more.

This project is just getting off the ground and they are looking for volunteers to contribute to the project. If you are dying to get your hands dirty with CMIS and .Net, head over the CodePlex project site and let them know you want to help.