Adlib Software Expands their Channel Program
Adlib Software, a provider of document management solutions, has revealed a new Value Added Reseller (VAR) channel program that will allow companies to better handle the software, training and support needed by clients. The new channel program -- which has been greatly expanded in North America -- will also provide companies opportunities to earn more revenue. It appears to be a win-win situation for all those involved.With the increasing popularity of Adlib Software's products, the company feels that it is a great time to invest more effort into its VAR channel program. After transforming their applications to be better aimed at document workflow solutions, the company believes that the VAR channel is the best format to "accelerate the penetration of these solutions into the market." In other words, Adlib Software is prepared to make more revenue.

North American Channel Program

The North American VAR Channel Program will empower channel partners to utilize an impressive suite of document transformation applications to meet customers' needs while increasing distribution and reach of products in North America. Adlib will be actively participating in the entire process of sales and marketing to ensure mutual success. "Thousands of customers use Adlib every day to improve a variety of document transformation processes," said Chris Yardley, recently appointed manager of VAR channels. "The new channel program provides an excellent opportunity for VARs to derive new revenue streams from this growing demand and for end users to maximize the value of existing investments." For now, the new channel program is targeted to VARs that are focused in the areas of marketing, selling and servicing related applications. This allows Adlib to better focus on these VARs, thus capturing additional licensing, servicing and supporting revenue. In the end, this seems like a great way for Adlib Software to expand its reach in North America. Adlib and its VARs will benefit with these programs while the world of document management will further expand and improve. For additional information about Adlib's channel program, visit Adlib Software's official site.