Advanced Data Extraction Added to PSI: Capture DMS
California-based Psigen Software (news, site) has just announced that it has added an Advanced Data Extraction module to its document management system DMS PSI: Capture as part of v3.5.2.

This new addition will give Capture the ability to parse, scan and extract information from all kinds of documents without any end-user intervention.

While Psigen says that this will be part of v3.5.2 of their DMS, it doesn’t say whether it is this feature that bumps it up a point from v3.5.1, or whether there are other elements combined that will do that.

While the question may be academic, it is of some interest as the rate with which Psigen is developing this product is noteworthy in a market that is bursting with new solutions and new releases.

Psigen itself has been flirting outrageously with SharePoint and has made no secret of its designs on the Microsoft beauty.

In June, for example, it underwent a SharePoint makeover by thoughtfully offering a SharePoint Lookup Provider (SLP) which provides integration with the SharePoint Database and seemingly allows for a jazzed up automation process when scanning and capturing documents destined for Document Libraries.

However, it is also playing the field like any other 14-year-old (company) would be expected to and in July offered FileBound, a similar solution and services.

It's hard to know where all of this is going to end up, but in an industry sector where only the fittest will survive, its practically certain Psigen is already checking out the talent for its next conquest.