Alfresco Surf Camp Boston
Just over a week after Alfresco Surf 3.0 Code Camp in NYC, they have announced that Boston is now next on the list. Coming next month and hot on the heels of the success of the NYC camp, Boston will be a Code Camp you don’t want to miss.Alfresco Surf Code Camp Boston is scheduled for December 16, 2008. Considering the turn out in NYC, it might be a good idea to register now. You can register here. For those unfamiliar with Alfresco Surf, it is an enterprise-class web application and site assembly framework complete with full site construction object model and toolkit for building great websites.

The Why and The Who of Alfresco Surf Code Camp

Why Attend: * Participate in hands-on labs * Experience an easy set-up and configuration through access to a virtual machine image * Enjoy the opportunity to network and learn from others * Realize you are attending the only source for Surf training and documentation Who Should Attend: * People familiar with Alfresco who plan to build applications on the Alfresco platform * Developers interested in using Surf to develop web applications * Alfresco Community members looking for a way to get involved in and contribute to the Community So if Alfresco is your bag, register now for Alfresco Surf Code Camp Boston. If you’re not sure…check it out and see if you learn something. See the full agenda Here.