Okay, so Alfresco did not "bench" as in "bench-press" 100 million objects (that feat is coming soon), but they did reach and exceed the 100 million document mark in an independently certified benchmark test of Alfresco Enterprise 2.1, conducted by Unisys Corporation. This is pretty darn impressive nonetheless. The benchmark was conducted on an eight-way Unisys ES7000/one Enterprise Server using dual core Intel Xeon processor technology, a MySQL DB and a Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS. The benchmark test allowed Alfresco to flex its Enterprise CMS muscle in a display of raw, unhindered power that would make Vin Diesel blush. It demonstrated its enterprise-class ECM readiness with: * Continuous, transactionally safe upload of more than 100 million objects * Linear scalability of 140 objects per second * Sub-second access times from standard clients - shared drive, file transfer protocol and web client * Linear scalability for large repository search "This benchmark drew on Unisys' long experience providing integrated, enterprise-class ECM solutions with a range of partners," said Anthony Gold, vice president and general manager, Open Source Business, Unisys. "Modeling the most common customer transactions in an environment that would exceed most customer sizing requirements, this benchmark demonstrates the performance capability that Alfresco 2.1 brings to the requirements of large enterprise customers." In late 2006, Unisys became Alfresco's first Platinum-level Systems Integration partner, adding the Alfresco open source software suite to its global ECM solution and partner portfolio that serves hundreds of major clients. Unisys also became an Alfresco Platinum Reseller early in 2007. The Afresco CMS product topped the list of LinuxWorld’s Ten Enterprise Software Companies to Watch in 2007 and the company claims that their open source ECM product has been downloaded more than 700,000 times. That's a pretty big number. Visit the Alfresco website to learn more.