Alfresco Community 3.2 Implements CMIS 1.0, Supports Public Review Process
With the Public Review Process for CMIS officially started, Alfresco (news, site) has come to the table to help organization and developers participate by testing it in Alfresco Community 3.2.

CMIS Public Review Officially Kicked Off

Almost one year after the official OASIS review process kicked off, the CMIS Technical Committee voted to send the CMIS 1.0 draft to Public Review. Over 70% of TC members voted and there were no "no" votes.

OASIS made the review process official on October 23 by sending out a press release announcing the Review Process. The review process, which ends December 22, 2009, is an open invitation to review the specification and make comments.

Testing CMIS 1.0

If you use Alfresco, you have the opportunity to test CMIS 1.0. Alfresco Community 3.2 now supports CMIS 1.0. Alfresco Community is the community version of their open source enterprise CMS.

They've also announced a virtual training session to help you get started. The session happens tomorrow, November 24, at 11am ET. Expect to review the draft specification and understand Alfresco's implementation of that spec in Community 3.2.

Make your Comments Now

It's important to have you say in this specification and there are a number of ways to do that:

All submitted comments are public and viewable via the mailings list link above.

Pick up your copy of the Review Draft now, if you haven't already, and starting testing.