Alfresco Community 3.2 Available for Ubuntu
Yes, it's true, the open source enterprise content management system that seems to live to support just about any environment has added another server to the list.

Alfresco (news, site) has announced that their Community Edition 3.2 can now be easily installed on Ubuntu Server Edition, free!

Alfresco just released the Community Edition 3.2 earlier this month. The latest version of the community edition of their open source enterprise content management software also includes some updated records management capabilities, improved Forms, IMAP support and a nice solution for the iPhone.

According to their 2008 Open Source Barometer report, which is a survey that reaches out to their 74,000 content community members to find out the preferences of open source technologies in the enterprise, Ubuntu was tied with Red Hat at 31% as the Linux operating system of choice.

"Ubuntu Server Edition is the most popular Linux distribution amongst the Alfresco user community.  We see many open source community members looking to use a combination of Alfresco as their content management solution and Ubuntu as their chosen operating system," said Martin Musierowicz, VP Alliances, Alfresco Software.

If that's true, why didn't Alfresco support Ubuntu from the beginning? We suppose the important thing is they do support it now.

Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 can be installed by users of Ubuntu Server Edition 9.04. Download your copy of Alfresco now using Ubuntu’s Package Manager functionality from Ubuntu's Partner repository.