Alfresco Software, Inc., announced that Bill Robinson was named their new Vice President for the Americas. His addition should help this open source Enterprise Content Management firm continue to grow even in this difficult economy.

What About Matt Asay?

Former Alfresco Software VP for the Americas Matt Asay, who led Alfresco's US expansion efforts, will now focus on expanding Alfresco's business development initiatives and strategic partnerships.

What Does Robinson Bring to the Table?

While Asay is turning his attentions to focus more on externals (partners), Robinson's focus will be more internal.

According to John Powell, CEO, "This past year, Alfresco has seen record growth with a very strong sales pipeline, a doubling of customer subscriptions and an expansion in the partner network." This kind of growth requires building out the sales force so opportunities with customers and partners aren't lost due to lack of resources.

Robinson has a lot of experience growing sales organizations, having already done so most recently with Witness Systems, Actuate Corporation and Business Objects.

When it comes to Alfresco's needs in particular, Powell says, "Bill has a proven track record in creating high-value channel partner ecosystems which will compliment Alfresco’s open source business model."

Robinson does seem to get the basics of open source business. For example, he stated, “It is clear that enterprises have to do more with less and as a result, open source technology is making its way into enterprises at faster and faster rates.”

With the advantages he cites as, "Alfresco’s strong technology, ease of use and compelling cost advantages make it ideal for organizations that need to manage increasing levels of content internally and externally," let's see if Robinson's 20 years of experience helps him rise to the challenge.

Certainly Alfresco Software wouldn't mind if he was able to grow their sales by US$ 100 million as he did for Witness Systems.