February Alfresco WCM webinars
February is the month of love, romance and apparently, Alfresco. The open source enterprise content management giant is bringing two webinars aimed at content management solutions to a internet-enabled computer near you. Get set to learn about WCM technology, holistic architecture and content migration.

Alfresco is an open source ECM solution that provides massive scalability while maintaining simple configurations and allowing for large amounts of contributors both internal and external.

Migrating from Microsoft SharePoint? Alfresco has a webinar scheduled for February 17th looking at migrating from SharePoint 2003 to Alfresco. Being put on by the Technology Services Group, the webinar will cover migration using their OpenSource content migration tool OpenMigrate. Topics include architecture, system admin and the migration of content.

During Alfresco’s Web Content Management Roadmap webinar, scheduled for February 19th, Michael Uzquiano will look at the ins and outs of Alfresco web content management tools and preview upcoming changes to Alfresco in versions 3.1 and 3.2. The webinar will cover content management overviews using Alfresco and early 2009 previews of Alfesco 3.2 and Alfresco Surf. It will also delve into the world of document management and resource management and how to bring all of it together.

Both webinars are free to register.

Customers Migrate from SharePoint
When: February 17 2009
Where: Online Webinar - 12pm EST (GMT - 5)

Web Content Management Roadmap
When: February 19 2009
Where: Online Webinar - 12pm EST (GMT -5)