An Online Document Management System for Real Estate
Electronic signature software provider DocuSign, and DocCentral have integrated their respective products showing just how far electronic signature automation has actually come.

DocCentral, which is ultimately owned by mortgage giant Lender Processing Service (LPS), provides document management for the real estate industry giving users the ability to digitize, share and manage documents online and securely.

By combining the two, buyers and sellers will now be able to complete entire transactions online in a secure web environment without a single piece of paper ever having to be printed.

Moving Real Estate

With the development of Multiple Listing Services (MLS), which LPS specializes in, it was only a matter of time before a combined platform would shoot everything into the Cloud for more efficient and quicker management.

MLS is the principal data system used across the US by real estate agents from the smallest towns to the biggest multinationals. LPS estimates that up to 75% of all properties sold pass through it.

To better market and manage their use of MLS, LPS developed a document management platform called DocCentral, which manages everything through a web browser.

doccentral_online viewing_2009.jpg

DocCentral online

Electronic Signatures, Document Management

But this is no dalliance with technology. LPS appears to be aiming to push the real estate industry towards the cloud -- and quickly.

Earlier this month LPS also announced that its rDesk Suite of products, which offers web design, virtual tours, video updates and contact management for estate agents has been taken up on multi-year contracts by eight operation companies of the Home Services network.


For its part DocCentral comes with:

  • A secure, document repository solution
  • Digital management of critical documents,
  • Document tracking, including tracking of customers who have viewed the documents
  • Digitize documents by direct upload, email or fax
  • Document view online, with sharing for other transaction participants
  • Email alerts with contact details of information that clients provide


DocuSign enables users send real estate agents or brokers electronic signatures as fast as they electronically can.


DocuSign workflow

Designed to send and receive any document for a secure, legal electronic signature it includes:

  • Browser–based sending of any printable document -- Send any printable document for signature with only your browser.
  • Browser signing of any document -- Signers follow a familiar signing process that requires only a browser to sign.
  • Multiple send of documents to multiple users with sign tabs.
  • Legally compliant with all standards established by ESIGN and UETA.

DocuSign also ensures users can access all their documents by browser, while company users can add logos, colors and personalized messages.

With Professional Edition Advanced, users can also mass send to thousands of clients where necessary, while Outlook integration enables users to import contacts from their address book.

Sure beats waiting around your mail box for the contracts to your new country mansion to arrive.