BridgeHead Integrates Archive One For SharePoint
Last November, C2C (news,site), an email, data and file management solutions provider, gave its Archive One for SharePoint product a bit of a makeover. In its post-makeover version it enables users to remove and archive SharePoint data critical to meet the compliance and eDiscovery requirements of many industries.

So today’s announcement that BridgeHead Software (BHS) is integrating Archive One into its health care data archiving and management product should be no surprise.

The result is a single comprehensive solution that will incorporate email archiving into a system that already archives patient records, data and DICOM medical images.

‘One-Stop’ Storage Facility

Marketing it as BH MailStore it is available already to BHS reseller partners globally. Designed specifically for the medical profession, the new solution will create a single ‘one-stop’ data storage facility that will also incorporate BHS's disaster recovery processes.

As a single archive repository it can store both structured and unstructured data and provides a complete health care Data Management system in line with current compliance requirements.

The need to develop such a solution arises from the increasing use of e-mail amongst medical professionals to communicate with patients. With this growth, BridgeHead is predicting ever-increasing regulatory compliance requirements that will dramatically increase costs for users as storage and security issues become more pressing.

Cut Duplication, Cut Costs

This new solution will deal with this by allowing all data types to utilize the same back-end, which in turn will reduce costs by cutting the amount of duplication in the system and compressing the results.

It also increases the efficiency of the BH’s medical solution by moving inactive but necessary emails from the primary storage area into an archive repository in secondary media including CAS storage and offline media.

The result will be a significant reduction in the amount of money spent on storage hardware, as well as quicker back-ups. As this will involve less back-up volumes due to the reduction in file duplication, disaster recovery will be much quicker.

The back-up process is automatic with files stored in multiple locations, dramatically reducing the need for frequent back-ups.

As the BH archiving infrastructure already indexes and catalogs, with the Archive One SharePoint capabilities, it will also be possible for users to conduct complex metadata searches.

The whole system will be rules-defined around issues including data retention periods, encryption, access rights and end-of-life deletion in compliance with existing and future regulations.

The new solution is available as a point solution to manage email archiving, or as part of BridgeHead Software's modular healthcare data management product. It can also be incorporated into a large archive that includes unstructured data from other applications.