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For all the CMS administrators who wish there was a way to avoid pushing gigabytes of information to a web server when there are only a handful of changes, Armedia has a solution for those of you saddled with EMC Documentum as a content management system.Armedia's newest product, called Ligero, is a caching server that enables intranet and portal applications to be dynamically integrated with existing content repositories. A new problem this is not, a web content management system is purchased and implemented with the obvious next step being: how do we get all of this information sitting in our repositories out to our new intranet or portal? Traditionally this problem has been solved with an all-or-nothing push of content out to the web and portal servers. Obviously, this approach makes little sense and does not scale well. Seeing an opportunity, Armedia introduces Ligero as a way to eliminate the need to publish files to a web or portal server using scheduled jobs. Instead, Ligero provides the ability to cache content for delivery based on the needs of the business or specific security policies. Furthermore, Ligero includes the following additional features: the presentation of content can be customized, content from different documents can be assembled, and RSS feeds can be created based on dynamic queries. The good news is that Ligero is certified for both EMC Documentum 5.3 and 6 content repositories. The bad news is that all the organizations still running version 5.2.5, and there are more out there than you might think, will need to move up their migration plans to take advantage of Armedia's latest product. For more information, please visit the product page for Ligero. While you are there, we encourage you to take a look at all of Armedia's products and services.