While many companies are chomping at the bit to move across to SharePoint 2010 from any number of legacy systems, the migration problems are huge. As a result, AvePoint (news, site) has released a number of migration tools for SP 2010 as early as February 2010, but is now also offering them the first 100GB of content across the divide for free.

This is in itself is probably not going to convince any company to make the jump, and there are indications that companies are holding back because SharePoint 2010 may just be overkill -- a lesson they may well have learned from SP 2007 or even 2003 -- or because migrating content repositories is a messy and time-consuming task.

DocMigrator for SharePoint

Not so, says AvePoint. With DocAve Migrator, companies can construct their own migration timetables, create flexible mapping for that content and then move it across at their leisure.

Worth noting here is that DocAve is not just for migration from one edition of SharePoint to a later edition, but can also take content from Lotus repositories, EMC’s Documentum, and 12 other legacy systems that may be deployed across the enterprise.

But if the free 100GBs will not convince companies to move, then it should at least look like a carrot. Also, keep in mind that this is for new customers moving from legacy systems to SP 2010, and it is not clear whether existing customers of other AvePoint products will be able to benefit from it too.

Movable Content

That said, it looks like something worth considering as it can be applied to all content, including metadata, customizations and configurations, as well as other critical business data, without disrupting the flow of business in the enterprise.

With it, enterprises can perform a scalable, comprehensive and reliable migration to SharePoint as well as:

  • Turn existing metadata into SP 2010 Managed Metadata, ensuring compliance with existing taxonomies
  • Incremental migration, so enterprises can operate on two editions while slow migration is taking place
  • Data awareness, management and protection of migrated content

DocAve also comes with 30 independently deployable modules for SharePoint 2010 data protection, administration, archiving and storage using a browser-based user interface.

The DocAve Migrator can help you migrate your content from both SharePoint 2003 and SharePoint 2007 into SharePoint 2010, as well as WSS2.0 and WSS3.0.

Migration from other content management systems such as Oracle/Stellent, Lotus Notes, Documentum eRoom, File Systems, Exchange Public Folders, Open Text LiveLink and Vignette is also available.