BEA,AquaLogic Social Computing
BEA, a leader in enterprise infrastructure software, has harnessed the powerful forces of the sea, resulting in the new BEA AquaLogic User Interaction Suite. It promises to help organizations roll with the power of the changing IT landscape, notably, the recent popularity of SOA, by driving new modes of collaboration, and improving productivity and participation.BEA AquaLogic User Interaction suite includes new versions of BEA AquaLogic Interaction, BEA AquaLogic Interaction Collaboration and BEA AquaLogic Analytics. It's designed to help companies deliver new workplace strategies and adapt Web 2.0 capabilities through BEA's cross-platform web suite. BEA knows that business interaction can be a hassle to manage, from overloaded knowledge workers and constrained resources, to cumbersome reliance on email for collaboration. The AquaLogic User Interaction Suite helps solve these issues by letting users: * Customize and personalize the information and processes they need * Create and manage a variety of portals, collaborative communities, composite applications, and other user experiences * Bridge all platforms, systems and languages in a truly open, cross-platform framework * Drive greater business participation by including search, collaboration and publishing services in every application BEA has also improved usability to make it easier for knowledge workers to share community information, find specific expertise and communicate more flexibly. They accomplished this by offering user-drive and community-centric tools as well as by immersing users in a flexible collaborative experience enhanced by desktop, RSS and Web-based tools.

AquaLogic Interaction 6.5

BEA's AquaLogic Interaction 6.5 delivers a social computing platform with a number of new features that can help users leverage the implicit interactions of day-to-day business, such as project updates, new documents, process steps and data changes in underlying systems that are often shared inefficiently through email. New features include: * Social profile pages: Users can communicate their status and enable social networking and activity-sharing * ActivityService: Including new extensibility points for harvesting user interactions so that activity updates are published to a centralized service that can render them in end-user profile pages * RSS production and consumption services: Supports RSS generation to track new activity on common objects as well as immediate or summary email updates. * Usability improvements: Including human readable URLS, one-click page creation and edit menus, and simplified wizard menus

AquaLogic Interaction Collaboration 4.5

BEA AquaLogic Interaction Collaboration 4.5 is a portal service that helps employees, customers and partners collaborate via the Web in an easy and efficient manner. Users can share and manage documents and project information, engage in online discussions and coordinate through notifications and synchronized calendars. Version 4.5 improvements include: * Enhanced notification system: Centralized notification and subscription service designed to extend email notification by letting users generate secure, personal RSS feeds * Deeper Microsoft Office integration: A Ribbon plug-in, which allows editing and managing project documents directly from within Microsoft Office applications * User interface improvements: Support for drag-and-drop design of project overview and new modules for images and announcements

AquaLogic Analytics 2.1

Last but not least is BEA AquaLogic Analytics 2.1, designed to allow customers to determine how effectively people are using content, applications and information to collaborate and complete tasks together. New features for Analytics 2.1 include: * Global Filters: Improved global filters provide more granular activity reporting * A SOAP-based export API: Developers can use the API to extract data from the Analytics collector and visualize it in third-party tools BEA is hard at work bringing Web 2.0 features to the enterprise. Their other products include Business Process Management (BPM), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and virtualization tools. For more information, visit BEA.