Using components of its Media Asset Management and Digital Asset Management offerings, global consulting firm BearingPoint yields a media content solution that assists in solving two big content problems: managing complex compensation models, and validating copyright. At present there are already prêt-a-porter copyright solutions in place for fluid digital content. Creative Commons, for example, utilizes a global copyright protection model tailored specifically for information-sharing in the Web 2.0 frontier.By broadening client acquisition and delivery options, media providers can make content accessible in a plethora of both high- and low-resolution formats, thereby broadening their reach among current and potential clients the world over. However, few software-integrated copyright protection solutions presently exist on the market that are scalable across multiple media channels. The product builds on a data asset management foundation resulting from components of Artesia Digital Media Group via OpenText, Sun MicroSystems and Sophoi-based digital rights management software with a focus on business rights management. Communications and media managing director Gregory Boyer points out that "[content] and rights management is a challenge for every media and entertainment provider. With a proven, scalable and flexible MAM [media asset management] solution designed specifically for the communications and media industries, BearingPoint can offer a plug-and-play option to meet the market's growing need." But what exactly does the growing need look like? One point Boyer makes is that "[when it comes to contract and rights management, this still is a largely manual process and impedes timely response to market needs." Per BearingPoint's specifications, this dream MAM solution eliminates redundant processes and improves operations by automating business-critical processes like content management, rights clearances, product distribution and royalty calculations - jobs often haphazardly managed by multiple departments in an enterprise. Once executed, the solution manages the distribution of media assets and offerings, including TV broadcasting, pay TV, wireless content and interactive services, and Internet, toward the goal of reaching customers all across the media landscape, be it wireless, satellite, cable, Internet or telecommunications. At present the it is in pilot mode with certain global customers. Thomas McKelvey, EVP of technology at BearingPoint, thinks the solution speaks well for BearingPoint's future. "This solution marks BearingPoint's strategic focus going forward on the global media market. By leveraging our robust alliance partner ecosystem and deep in-house subject matter expertise, we're able to offer both off-the-shelf and custom asset management and digital rights applications, as well as the full range of enterprise management services." Well, that all sounds very nice. We can't wait to find out how this enigmatic solution fares on the market. Learn more about BearingPoint and its other consultant solutions at their website.