Best in Class 2008 Email Security Solutions
Just in time for Halloween, the 2008 Email Security Report: Combating Spam, Data Loss, Fraud, Zombies, Non-Compliance and Sabotage has been released. While the threat of malicious emails threatens information security, and phishing scams seem to increase each year, this report -- researched and written by the Aberdeen Group -- didn't focus on the frightening implications of these threats. Instead, it highlighted the best solutions for companies to employ to combat these security risks.Using five key performance criteria, the report identified "Best in Class" companies, those that generally were able to: * Reduce lost productivity as a result of email * Decrease the cost associated with recovery for email attacks * Decrease data loss incidents attributable to email In addition, the report delves inside these companies to figure out what enabled them to achieve such dramatic results. They include: * Creating a comprehensive email security strategy that includes inbound, outbound and internal email * Defining and enforcing consistent email and data security policies * Educating users on safe and appropriate email use As well as having common performance levels, companies also shared characteristics in five key categories: # Process # Organization # Knowledge management # Technology # Performance management Sounds familiar? These characteristics are key elements of most search and discovery models and were consistently highlighted in our Case for eDiscovery (parts one and two). Many companies have policies about email security, but many lack the processes for enforcing and educating employees about them. Without efficient and consistent management, the best policies can fail. And failure can often lead to increased security threats and breaches. The 2008 Email Security Report emphasizes the need for companies to make the security of an organization's data, infrastructure and brand an integral part of their email security strategy. They also need to remain vigilant and up-to-date on new information, trends and best practices within the industry. 75% of the "Best in Class" companies changed their email strategies within the past two years; 30% within the last six months. With such change comes a better understanding of the policies, which leads to better management and enforcement. Learn more about the Best in Class companies by downloading the report online at