Hot on the heels of Intel's SuiteTwo announcement, Blogtronix has unveiled an update of their enterprise collaboration and communication platform. This release boasts expanded features for blogging, wikis, document management, extensive personal and corporate profiling, and social networking.

Unsurprisingly, Blogtronix's CEO, Vassil Mladjov claims Intel's SuiteTwo is "no big deal". And he has some rights, if a well vested interest, in doing so.

Blogtronix differentiates itself from Intel's offer by incorporating all of these tools in one platform, including a single sign-on and segmentation of users. That means individuals and businesses (but mostly individuals in businesses) can better manage statistics, customize the system per their own corporate compliance and security needs and even segment users between public and private communities, withspecific privileges across an expanse of content.

Administration features like these really make time with corporate admins who don't want the added complexity of managing the 6 separate applications that comprise SuiteTwo.The system also caters to the business crowd, supporting ease of data retrieval and intuitive tools for creating newsletters and managing event-oriented e-mail campaigns.

Although Intel has strong name recognition and that of its leading SuiteTwo "Web 2.0" partners, Blogtronix is in a compelling position in having combined all of the functionalityin one software solution.

Learning Opportunities

Blogtronix counts the following features in the 1.5 release:

* single sign-on * internal and external RSS aggregator * multilingual support * social and business networking * online document management system * extensive Wiki for business or social collaboration * flexible blogging * newsletters * event triggered e-mail campaigns* dashboarding and analytics systemThe product is offered in three different varieties: on-demand as a software as service (SAS), installed software, or on-site as an appliance. The appliance approach is an interesting one and may prove compelling in the SMB space.

In general, the Enterprise 2.0/Web Office space is heating up quickly. We now have such contenders as Intel with SuiteTwo, Microsoft with MOSS and Office Live, 37Signals with Basecamp, Google with Docs & Spreadsheets, Blogtronix, and aspiring others.

While the products may not all have perfectly rounded edges today, the competition is bound to be fierce and from this crucible the next incarnation of how we do our daily work is rapidly emerging. Blogtronix would have you believe its arrived already.