Bluenog Extends Solution to Support Education Sector
After all the turmoil the economy has spurned upon us throughout the last year, higher education still remains a steadfast institution. Banks, auto makers and publishers may come and go, but education remains solid. Sure, tuition may be higher, but enrollment is still thriving.

Perhaps then it is why Bluenog (news, site), a software solutions company, has extended an invitation to those in the higher education sector to join the enterprise. 

In Need of Cost Effective Solutions

While educational institutes are more likely to survive the recession, it still doesn't mean they have money to spend. Notoriously thrifty (and rightly so, reserving funds for financial aid and other academic expenditures), schools need the infrastructure of a large company but for a fraction of the cost.

Wellesley College, Columbia University and NYU have accepted the invite and have implemented Bluenog's ICE, its integrated suite of content management, portal development and business intelligence software. The client suite can interface directly with many of the school-based software used by many colleges and universities, including Sungard Banner, Resource25, Sakai, Moodle and Blackboard.

Being able to implement and integrate Bluenog allows schools access to the professional support, customization and product updates that their other clients receive.

Education Needs Collaborative Technologies

Citing the importance of collaborative technologies in education, Suresh Kuppusamy, CEO and co-founder, Bluenog says that Bluenog ICE is a way for schools to "seamlessly enhance and customize their existing infrastructures at a reasonable cost."

In addition, Bluenog offers early results from its implementation at NYU Langone Medical Center. The hospital has shown "significant savings on up-front licensing and maintenance costs." As well, Columbia University’s Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) used Bluenog's BI framework and benefited from the flexibility of a pre-built portal.

Education is Smart

Bluenog is clever to tap into higher education. Not only can higher education benefit from a consistent and reliable CMS, Bluenog has targeted a niche population with strong networking abilities.

Over time, good news that spreads will likely send Bluenog to the head of the class.