Bluenog Get a Couple of Open Source Leaders for BOD
Remember Bluenog ICE, the Integrated Collaborative Environment created by a group of ex-BEAers? The Enterprise CMS solution, based on an open source technology stack was announced mid-September and is just one of the latest open source solutions to hit the market. Today they announce that to help ensure they continue to grow to their solution, they have added a couple of well known open source leaders to their Board of Directors. Joining current board members Scott Barnett, Suresh Kuppasamy and Sastry Taravai (the three co-founders), and Mike DiPiano and Michael Poise are: * Andy Astor -- As co-founder and EVP of Business Development for EnterpriseDB, Astor is known for his strong support of independent open source communities such as PostgreSQL. He has been a champion of hybrid open source business models since 2004. * Anthony Gold -- Gold founded Unisys' global open source practice and currently resides there as VP and General Manager of open source business. According to Suresh Kuppusamy, chief executive officer, Bluenog: “Their [Astor and Gold] experiences working with both open source and proprietary technology will be invaluable. We continue to innovate in areas that allow our customers integration options they didn’t have previously." With individuals like this on the Board of Directors, Bluenog will have no excuses when it comes to creating and enhancing a true open source solution. Learn more about the entire team at the Bluenog website.