Book: Documentum 6.5 Content Management Foundations

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In a job market as challenging as this one, a certification could be what differentiates you from the other candidates. If you are a Documentum professional, or if you want to be a Documentum professional, passing the EMC (news, site) Proven Professional Certification Exam E20-120 can only help you on your quest.

Intended Audience

The E20-120 exam is the first in a series of tests that together comprise the EMC Proven Professional certification program. In order to become a certified Documentum Application Developer, System Administrator or Technology Architect, one must first pass the Content Management Foundations (EMF) Associate-level exam (a.k.a the E20-120).

Because the E20-120 exam is the pre-requisite for all the specialist-level exams, the E20-120 focuses on the fundamental concepts of both EMC Documentum and enterprise content management.

Therefore, the book is geared toward software developers and system administrators who either:

  1. Have experience with EMC Documentum and are looking to expand their knowledge with a certification; or
  2. Will be customizing or administering EMC Documentum in the near future.

A third group that is interested in using the study guide to earn a certification are those with experience in another enterprise content management system, e.g. Open Text or Alfresco. Again, a software developer or a system administrator displaying experience with Open Text and a Documentum certification are going to look interesting on a resume.

What the Book Covers

The study guide is split into five parts:

1. Fundamentals

The first four chapters of the book provide an overview of the concepts of content management along with a description of how content is created. The initial section continues into more detail with a discussion of what metadata is and how it should be designed and leveraged. Part 1 closes with a high-level description of the key architectural components of the EMC Documentum platform.

2. Security

The second part, chapters 5 through 7, move to another level of detail in describing the security model used by EMC Documentum. This section covers users and privileges, groups and roles, and concludes with object-specific security options.

3. User Interface

Moving into the third part of the study guide, chapters 8 and 9, the author focuses on search and the importance of search to content management as a process. This section also describes how to hide screen options in Webtop to streamline the user experience.

4. Application Development

The fourth section of the book, chapters 10 through 13, pertains to the concepts necessary for customizing and extending the EMC Documentum platform. This part begins with a description of Projects and how software components are packaged for transport and deployment. The section continues with explanations of custom types, workflows and lifecyles.

5. Advanced Concepts

The final part of the study guide, chapters 14 and 15, finishes the book with discussions on aliases and virtual documents.

Learning Opportunities

The study guide also includes two appendices:

  1. What's New in Documentum 6 and 6.5?
  2. DocApps

The book itself concludes with three practice tests that cover all of the topics described above. And, as anyone who has ever taken a certification exam or a standardized test knows, practice tests are an invaluable resource for passing an exam.

About the Author

Pawan Kumar is the Principal Consultant for his own firm -- doQuent, specializing in content management using the EMC Documentum platform. Pawan has been architecting enterprise applications for over 10 years and is the author of Documentum Content Management Foundations: EMC Proven Professional Certification Exam E20-120 Study Guide -- written for Documentum version 5.3.

On a personal note, I have known Pawan for 10 years and I consider him an extremely talented author and software architect. No one is more qualified to write a book such as this one.

Final Thoughts and Resources

If you are looking to specialize in a technology and differentiate yourself from hundreds of other knowledge workers, this book can you help you on your first step to becoming certified on the EMC Documentum platform.

If you are not sure, Packt Publishing is providing a sample chapter for download and review.

Furthermore, along with this study guide, these resources will aid you as you work toward certification:

  • dm_cram: http://dmcram.org - free online community offering discussion forums, test taking tipsand practice tests;
  • EMC Powerlink: http://powerlink.emc.com - the Documentum Support Site providing product documentation and white papers;
  • dm_developer: http://dmdeveloper.com - another free online community offering technical articles and case studies.