Cabinet NG Brings Joy to SMBs With CNG-SAFE 6.0

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cabinet NG new enterprise cms version
Cabinet NG has just upped the ante for Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) document management systems by releasing the latest version of its flagship product, Shared Access Filing Environment (CNG-SAFE) 6.0.Delivered as a single package, CNG-SAFE 6.0claims to be the first automated document management system to provide all the modern day capabilities SMBs need for successful electronic document management, including advanced data protection, state-of-the art user interface and the ability to integrate with most third party applications.

Key features of CNG-SAFE 6.0 include:

Enhanced security for improved data protection and compliance-readiness CNG-SAFE 6.0 provides additional access rights levels and expanded granularity in assigning rights, letting businesses fine tune and grant specific user access privileges using secure Windows services.They’ve also added a trace function that allows users to track history at the folder and individual document levels. Document versioning can be enabled at the document, cabinet, or global level to automatically preserve a history of document edits.Cutting edge user interface CNG-SAFE 6.0 provides a more flexible user interface that allows individual users to display documents and other system information based on their custom layout.Users can also specify which items are to be displayed or not displayed as desired.Multiple documents, folders, and cabinets can be opened simultaneously, lending to simplified and accelerated navigation. Simple integration with major software applicationsRetriever, Cabinet NG’s latest innovation, works with virtually any Windows-based database application and allows for integration with nearly any application used along with CNG-SAFE, eliminating the need for a customized solution.CNG-SAFE was launched in 1992 and has continued to address SMB’s specific needs for automating document filing and retrieval processes, built in document workflow, heightened document security, system integration and scalability. Cabinet NG has since gained much recognition as a solid choice for the small enterprise.CNG-SAFE 6.0 is priced competitively for the small enterprise.A complete system for a two user office starts at $2,500 US.This price includes remote installation and training to assist in getting the system up and running, tech support, maintenance and online training for the first year.Visit the Cabinet NG website for more details.