CNG Launches Hosted Version of DMS

CNG has officially joined the ranks of the SaaS content management providers. CNG-Online is the SaaS-based alternative to CNG-Safe, designed for those who no longer want the burden of hardware and software setup and maintenance.


Cabinet-NG offers a document management solution for small businesses. In the last year, they have been slowly offering enhancements to their flagship product CNG-SAFE that have moved it closer to being able to offer this new online solution.


“CNG-Online lets customers with different needs use CNG-SAFE as it best fits their business requirements,” said Andrew Bailey, President, Cabinet NG. ”A hosted solution – software as a service (SaaS) -- is the wave of the future because it offers the small enterprise complete choice in how they deploy, manage and pay for technology. Cabinet NG is committed to continuously providing customers with the best in document management, delivered any way they want.”

Mixture of Online and Local Software

Although this is called a SaaS solution, there are still requirements to install software on the client site. To access CNG-Online, you still need to install and run the CNG-SAFE workstation software. The benefit here is that you still have the same user interface as when you used CNG-SAFE, resulting in less time required to train on a new version or system.

You will need a minimum DSL connection to the internet and access to a scanner. The connection will be through a secure VPN and all documents transmitted to the online repository are encrypted.

Basically the repository is hosted in CNG datacenters, but the tools to access the repository are still local to the client.

Administering the Site

A full service administrator is available with the service, but you are limited to 1 hour per month. Additional administrator use will cost you. This administrator can help you get set up and running with your CNG-Online service. With this service, you don't have to rely on training someone from your organization to support the document management system.

A Subscription Based Service

Like most other SaaS CMS solutions, CNG-Online is a monthly subscription based service, determined by the number of users and the volume of storage. All software, upgrades, technical support and backup services are included in this monthly fee.

The base configuration for CNG-Online includes approximately 5GB of storage capacity for the repository, two filing cabinets, training, backup, 10 document naming templates and user rights assignments.

If you commit to a 12 month contract you can get a 5% discount. However, a 6 month contract is also available.

If you are interested, check it out online. It's available now.