CaseCentral Controls eDiscovery With v3 Release

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CaseCentral Controls eDiscovery With Latest Release
CaseCentral, an eDiscovery software provider, who was recently selected as KMWorld Magazine's 2008 Trendsetter, has announced the release of its third version of the CaseCentral eDiscovery review platform -- the first multi-case, multi-party eDiscovery review platform with process analytics.By enabling repeatable, defensible and measurable eDiscovery processes on one or multiple cases, version 3.0 allows communication across any number of law firms and other parties and delivers the first integrated Enterprise eDiscovery Dashboard with process analytics which monitors all cases, measures all reviewers and provides law firm statistics across matters. All of this spells out lower costs and the time spent all in an effort to make the process more efficient. As we reported earlier, CaseCentral offers the eDiscovery industry an integrated, on-demand collection, processing, review, analysis and production application which can transition between single case to multiple cases, matters and parties.Updates within the new release include:* Unified technology architecture and centralized matter management * Reference librariesthat enable retention of previous work product for research and re-use* Data analytics to provide customers with multiple tools with which to expedite and streamline the review process* Customizable Document Viewer with the ability to configure a reviewer’s environment to maximize efficiency* CaseCentral Process Manager for administrators to configure a litigation process template, assign user roles, privileges and security parameters* Automated workflow, so that documents can flow from one review phase to the next, allowing teams to work real-time and in parallel* Availability of past document treatment to ensure consistency, even across near-duplicates, and speeds review* Compound and Embedded Document Support* Integrated Information Rights Management (IRM) * EDRM XML Compliance By aiming to put customers in control of the eDiscovery process, CaseCentral's new release works to improve quality, efficiency and predictability, while reducing cost, risk and time. More information, such as demos and pricing are available at www.casecentral.com