The fact is that content more often than not crosses departmental boundaries and many business processes tend to have the same basic anatomy.

However, research says that many organizations deploy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems primarily for search and retrieval, and often at the department level. Sure, this approach works for some cases. But by deploying Enterprise CMS software in this manner you aren't realizing its full potential.

A more optimal approach -- according to ECM provider Laserfiche -- is to deploy ECM as a Shared Service, integrating its capabilities with business processes, and supporting the needs of multiple divisions and/or departments at the same time. 

The company is digging into this very topic during an up-coming webinar. The goal is to cover:

  • How to make better use of limited IT resources -- especially when many upcoming IT projects require one or more components of ECM functionality
  • How to deploy three very different business processes from the same ECM foundation: case/customer management, contract management and HR onboarding
  • How to move beyond control and flexibility to master the new ECM paradox

Of course, deploying your Enterprise Content Management system as a shared services will also have its challenges, and you need to understand these as well.

For additional details, you can register now and tune-in on Thursday August 5th at 2pm Pacific  / 5pm Eastern time. The event will cover the ECM+BMP shared services model and lead you through 3 practical examples.