Clearwell Systems (newssite) recently launched iClearwell, a product designed to meet the evolving needs of the enterprise, where the demands of mobile access and security are ever increasing. 

If you’re not prepared to stay ahead of the security risks that new devices and technologies may bring to the enterprise, it’s easy to get behind quickly. As a result, your employees may not be appropriately outfitted with the tools necessary to work efficiently and securely.

iClearwell Takes eDiscovery Mobile

With iClearwell, administrators have the opportunity to access case files while working in a mobile environment. Not only is it a convenient method for accessing information while on the go, but it also helps to increase efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness, associated with the e-Discovery process.

Known for its e-Discovery solutions, Clearwell knows the importance of making information accessible, yet secure. Time is of the essence when it comes to the search and discovery process, yet companies don’t always have the means to make information available outside the office. By using iClearwell, companies can now save time and money because they are able to complete initial analysis, early case assessments and first pass reviews from their iPhone or iPad.

Administrators can perform a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • View the list of cases loaded on each Clearwell E-Discovery Platform server
  • View processing progress and status for any case
  • View real-time processing statistics such as the number of documents /emails processed and de-duplication rates for each case
  • Start, stop or view the status of any tasks such as export and production runs
  • E-mail status to cases and tasks to interested parties important job log files
  • See a list of active user sessions on each server


With iClearwell, administrators can access case lists, task status and view case status.

The e-Discovery process is very time-sensitive endeavor. There isn’t often room for downtime and while Clearwell’s e-Discovery platform streamlines the process, being able to keep track of the process remotely provides an additional layer of oversight, making it that more defensible.

Downloading iClearwell is easy, provided that you are already using a licensed version of the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform version 5.5 SP1 or later. It’s available for free through the iTunes App Store and can be fully operational in less than 25 minutes.