Workshare and NetDocuments are extending the scope of their integrated document management product resulting in a more comprehensive document management solution that should appeal to their base clientele in the legal industry.

Whether the new offering is in response to growing compliance demands generally, or whether it is to copper fasten their collective hold on the legal market is not clear.

What is, though, is that this broader, or deeper, integration provides multiple options to leverage this document comparison product that has been on the market since 2001.

Managing Document Comparisons

NetDocuments is an online document management system where users can organize and store their documents in one secure location in the cloud, accessible from any web browser.

Using a SaaS delivery model, it gives users the ability to manage and collaborate on work-in-process documents and emails, document images and documents as records.

For its part, Workshare delivers web services and integrated solutions for document comparison, multi-party review and content change tracking to the enterprise.

The integrated offering includes:

  • Enterprise server solution for document comparison
  • Document comparison technology delivered on the .NET platform
  • Internal and web based integration solutions

Compliance Demands

One of the pushes towards these broadened capabilities is the need to track changes in documents to a degree not previously imagined.


Workshare and NetDocuments document comparison

And as this market gets bigger and compliance with federal and national regulations becomes tougher, the need for document comparison products able to track changes to the very last full stop is going to increase too.

It is here that this integration will really fit. Using the Workshare element of the equation, users will be able to log-in to NetDocuments document management system, extract a document and compare that document to either the original document, or other versions.

Documents that have been extracted are copied and then red-lined in the new version, profiled and filed to a topic defined area within the system.


Workshare and NetDocuments document review

Integration with MS Office

Users can choose to work within Workshare or Microsoft Word. In Microsoft Outlook, users can also compare email attachments to documents already present in NetDocuments.

However, client companies do not have to change their systems, or alter them in any way as this integration can work with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and a whole range of document management systems.