CMS Watch and AIIM are joining forces to help enterprises in North America and Europe better understand business process management. CMS Watch is an analyst firm that releases industry-oriented reports, while AIIM serves as the international authority on ECM, providing courses, certification and awards in the sector. The joint initiative is a series of courses that pair core concepts and best practices that assist enterprises in improved content technology implementation. A quick survey of the BPM course, for example, covers: * Business analysis * Process modeling * Flow charts * Associated architecture and technology * Collaboration * The role of enterprise application integration In the IOA course you'll also get schooled on the "nuts and bolts of content audits and inventories, taxonomies, metadata, document and content modeling, search tools and techniques, text mining, the user experience of information access, social tagging, security and privacy, information organization standards, and findability," per an info-heavy press release. That's a lot of knowledge to squeeze in. Thankfully, hands-on exercises are included. CMS Watch Principal Alan Pelz-Sharpe guided the development of the BPM syllabus in particular. He explained that "These courses offer a core base of knowledge to deal with information overload and process inefficiencies [...] Investment in technologies without this base of knowledge and experience is much less likely to be successful." We're inclined to agree - it's one enterprise too many that throws money at a business process issue without educating itself on the pros and cons. Courses vary. You can take a two-day Practitioner course or a four-day Master course this September. Course completion results in a Practitioner or Master designation from AIIM. If you're in the Asia-Pacific area, workshops will be planned thereabouts in 2008. Learn more about the workshop at CMS Watch.