Heads up North American CMSers, CMS Watch will be front and center at the AIIM International Exposition & Conference, the granddaddy of all content and information events in North America. CMS Watch will be leading a conference session designed to help IT professionals discover how to turn content into a powerful business tool.The event takes place on March 3-6 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and will offer an experiential learning opportunity on the nuts and bolts of executing content and information management strategies. Alan Pelz-Sharpe, the CMS Watch Principal and author of the ECM Suites Report 2008 will lead sessions on strategic patterns in ECM, the state of the ECM software marketplace and BPM technology. CMS Watch Founder Tony Byrne will chair the conference keynote panel on "The Future of Information Management: The CIO's Perspective". Byrne, along with an expert panel of CIOs, will address the tough question: what will information management look like 3-5 years from now? The session will explore likely scenarios that may unfold as the field of information management continues to evolve and the technologies that support it mature. Tom Bliss, the Group Conference Director at AIIM International Exposition & Conference, added, "We're delighted to have Tony Byrne as the moderator of the CIO panel keynote. He's a luminary in the industry and is well-positioned to guide this discussion to address what's just around the corner, where the roads are likely to split going forward, and how to begin to prepare for the changes ahead." Seems like there's something to be gained by anyone involved in content management. To register to attend, visit aimexpo.