2010 has been an interesting and eventful year for content management and its related industries. We have seen mergers and acquisitions, new technologies and an evolution of the strategies required to run your business in this ever changing landscape. It's been nothing, if not fun to be a part of it all. 

CMSWire will be closing shop starting today, December 24, reopening bright eyed on January 3rd. But we haven't left you empty handed this year. Next week, while we are chasing our kids, our luggage, or our whiskey (or maybe all of those), we provide you with a special series of articles looking back at 2010. We hope you enjoy them.

But before we officially head out, we decided to take a stroll back through the year, highlighting the key events and ideas that shaped our industry. In no particular order we present you with our editorial team's top 12 picks of 2010:

  1. You can't talk content management without mentioning SharePoint:
    What is SharePoint 2010: Vision and Reality
  2. Open Source is a thriving business model:
    How to Make Money with Open Source Software
  3. The 2010 imperative: You must engage your customers!
    What is Web Engagement Management (WEM)?
  4. There is plenty of room to grow and improve in Web Content Management:
    Web CMS Market Predicted to Hit $1 Billion in 2010
  5. A major acquisition that will affect the content management landscape:
    Oracle + Sun: What it Means for Content Management
  6. And another important one that will shape the 2011 ideascape:
    Perspectives: What the Adobe + Day Software Deal Means
  7. Been there, done that -- avoid these typical blunders:
    Common CMS Implementation Mistakes
  8. It's about interoperability, not silos:
    CMIS Makes It as Official OASIS Standard
  9. It's not about cool new technologies:
    Goodbye Google Wave, Hello Facebook Killer?
  10. Enterprise 2.0 is about much more than the tools:
    Enterprise Collaboration -- It's About the Culture, Stupid
  11. Mobile will touch everything:
    Mobile: The Next Frontier for Enterprise Content Management
  12. We have to become more social internally and externally:
    Achieving the Social Business, Inside and Out


From all of us at CMSWire, thanks for making this a great year. We wish you

Happy Holidays and all the best in 2011!