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Last June Colligo (news, site) released version 4.0 of its Contributor for SharePoint product line and it included a number of new features. Now they add even more functionality to the list including support for SharePoint 2010.

Support for SharePoint 2010

Colligo joins the ranks of "anyone who is smart" by announcing support for SharePoint 2010. All Colligo capabilities related to viewing and updating SharePoint lists and libraries, document checkin/checkout and editing of metadata is supported in not only SharePoint 2010, but also SharePoint 2007, WSS3.0 and SharePoint 2003/WSS2.0.

Support SharePoint as an ECM System

According to Colligo, SharePoint is still often considered as a solution for enterprise content management. To help support its use in this context, the company has added a number of new capabilities to its Colligo 4.1 desktop software:

  • Managed Metadata and Term Stores: Managed Metadata is available in views that can be sorted and filtered and Term Stores can be accessed to update as required using the metadata editor.
  • Enhanced Outlook Integration: When sending an email in Outlook, it can be automatically copied to SharePoint. There's also a File Advisor that can suggest locations to save the email. In addition, Outlook folders and their entire contents can be copied to SharePoint.
  • Capturing Metadata During Save As: When a file is saved to SharePoint from the Colligo Contributor cache, users are prompted for content type and the associated metadata.
  • Configuration Editor: A new configuration editor helps make the configuration and deployment of the Colligo Contributor easier.


Metadata Views in Colligo Contributor

Other notable improvements include access to Contributor from Terminal Server, enhanced synchronization and support for Spanish.


Outlook Folders Saved to SharePoint

Access Anytime From Anywhere

The Colligo Contributor for SharePoint is a good tool if you aren't glued to your desk (and probably even if you are). It allows you to access your SharePoint libraries and lists, including metadata and take that content offline to work disconnected from the network.

Synchronization happens automatically when you are connected to the network and performing tasks. There's also a background synchronization function that keeps an eye out for updates to content you have on your desktop. You can also encrypt your offline content if you have the right environment.

There are several versions of Colligo Contributor, depending on your needs. Have a look at all your options and see how Contributor can work for you.