Impact - Compliance in a Box
Less than three months after announcing the availability of their affectionately named Compliance in a Box turn-key solution, Impact Systems announces their first production deployment of the product. Hoping to capitalize on the success that Google has had with their search appliance and meet the growing compliance requirements of organizations across the globe, Impact Systems is taking EMC/Documentum's popular Compliance Manager product and packaging it in an Intel-based server. Along with the hardware, Impact installs, configures, tests and validates the server so it can be simply dropped into a customer's enterprise and begin receiving controlled content for regulatory needs. If you are still skeptical -- and what IT veteran wouldn't be -- then read the following installation story and judge for yourself:
The CiB2 solution was delivered and installed in less than 4 weeks in the Taiwan customer's location. The CiB2 SOP Solution was installed, configured and validated ready for training during Impact's visit to the site. This customer is planning a phased deployment of EMC Documentum applications. Having CiB2 in such a short time allowed them to include a system in their design that allows their users a head start in their Documentum Compliance Manager "learning curve".
Perhaps more important than the announcement of the initial deployment is the fact that this deployment marks the first deployment of EMC/Documentum's Compliance Manager product in Taiwan. Furthermore, there are rumors that the success of the deployment described above has lead to multiple requests to Impact's sales team to visit the office where the appliance was installed. The emergence of yet another market for the already enormous EMC/Documentum cannot be good news for either their closed or open source Enterprise CMS competitors. If your organization has compliance requirements, a brief timeline (what a shock) and a healthy budget (even more of a shock), then Impact Systems' Compliance in a Box might just be the solution you are looking for. For more information, check out their website. Does your organization have experience with Impact Systems' products or have you had the pleasure of working with EMC's Compliance Manager? If so, jump down to the bottom of this page and let us know what you think.