Comprendium, a leading European provider of enterprise document management and multilingual content integration solutions today announced the immediate availability of ContentGateWay 2.1. This latest version of its content integration solution extends product functionality, while making it simpler to use. Building on Comprendium's Content Services Platform concept ContentGateWay 2.1 includes additional application and infrastructure platform support; enhanced security, scalability and availability features; and a number of end user enhancements."To stay competitive and save money at the same time, leading companies around the world are installing content integration software, because of its proven ROI and cost savings benefits," said Comprendium's Vice President of Marketing, Mark Bardoe. "Users don't care where or in what format information is being kept. They simply want access to it, when and how they need it. ContentGateWay 2.1 can make this a reality. Its new features support a broader range of advanced application infrastructures, improve end user productivity and continues to support open standards." Increased Application and Infrastructure Platform Support ContentGateWay 2.1 enhances its support for essential enterprise functionality, including load balancing, clustering, caching, and replication. This additional functionality is one of the benefits of the full integration of ContentGateWay 2.1 into Comprendium's i2z Multilingual Content Integration Framework. Comprendium understands that an organization may have a wide variety of existing ECM, CMS, WCM and CRM solutions. This diversity of existing processes is why Comprendium has made it so simple to integrate ContentGateWay2.1 with these other solutions. But integration is not the only requirement, creating a unified interface is key. Therefore ContentGateWay2.1 provides a unified interface to all content repositories (e.g. XML, Java, .net) by supporting any available protocol such as Corba, SOAP, JMS, RMI, and SMI Comprendium's optimized content protocol. This common view is provided through a standardized XML representation of any content type (e.g. ECM, ERP). To ensure that all content can be integrated ContentGateway 2.1 also includes a wizard driven accelerator for the quick generation of new content adapters to virtually any content source. Enhanced Security For data security to be effective one must be able to secure data to the lowest level. That is why ContentGateWay extensible security framework now supports scalable security schemas to protect your content at the index level. In addition, content streams can be secured and digital signatures added, while supporting individual encryption algorithms. New User Productivity Features ContentGateWay 2.1 provides a wide range of enhanced user productivity features, such as combined queries that allow users to query multiple repositories using only one search request with either full-text, index- based or query translation. Searching is further enhanced by optimized session support that provides users with a pre-fetching and asynchronous search mechanism that enables the return of search results more quickly. With the new Virtual View users have the power to access whatever information they want, however they want it. They no longer need to know where content resides, since all integrated repositories are available. They can also easily build their own content GUIs or integrate them into existing applications through the availability of content access visual content components (e.g. taglibs, ActiveX). As more and more local organizations become global organizations, multilingual capabilities become key. ContentGateWay integrates Comprendium's industry leading translation technology that enables multilingual functionality, such as multilingual queries, translation and phonetic queries. In addition, if automated classification is required to register or reorganize your content repositories the InfoStore Intelligence and Globalizer products can be added. About ContentGateway ContentGateWay enables organizations of any size to integrate their entire spectrum content repositories and business processes. It acts as a hub--a dependable, bidirectional interface--that enables applications to integrate with varied, distributed content repositories and business processes. ContentGateWay connectivity is available today for a wide variety of popular content repositories, file systems and databases. Ready-to-use "connectors" provide immediate access to these repositories and can be modified to support unique or non-standard implementations. The list of available "connectors" continues to grow. ContentGateWay also simplifies content migration to a new content management system. Using metadata mappings, ContentGateWay provides seamless export and import of content, including associated properties such as XML, permitting content to be exchanged with customers, suppliers and partners. This type of electronic data interface simplifies the entire migration process by eliminating the costs and difficulties of traditional content exchange, including printing and shipping, transit time, re-indexing efforts, and information loss due to human errors. ContentGateWay is a cross-platform Java product based on a J2EE architecture. It includes web services using a SOAP-based interface.