Given that EntropySoft (newssite) has developed connectors for nearly all IBM (newssite) applications currently on the market, it was only a matter of time before the company released one for IBM’s social collaboration application Lotus Connections.

Providing connections between just about any third party application and Lotus Connections, the new connector has complete read and write abilities for a whole range of social media including blogs, communities, wikis and collections.

Using the connector, any business application can create or delete content in Lotus Connections as well as apply full text searches across repositories using EntropySoft SQL language. The retrieval of users and permissions is also fully supported.

The new connector for Lotus Connections extends the range of connectors that EntropySoft already provides for IBM. It includes connectors for IBM Content Manager, IBM Content Manager OnDemand, IBM FileNET Content Services and IBM FileNET P8, as well as connectors for the other members of the Lotus family -- Notes, Quickplace, QuickR, and WCM.

It can also be used in conjunction with EntropySoft’s other products, Content Hub Appliance and Content ETL.

IBM and Lotus Connections

With continued growth in the use of social media, this one is likely to be amongst the most popular. With its use, third party apps can connect with the full functionality of Lotus Connections, which now includes:

  • Twitter-like Profiles feature that adding a micro-blogging tool
  • Wikis to collaboratively author and share documents, complete with versioning.
  • File-sharing for users to share presentations and other documents.
  • Roaming mobile users get access through their iPhone or Nokia s60,

Users can also add features and social apps as widgets

Lotus Connections’ New Connections

With the release of Lotus Connections 2.5 last year IBM moved it further into the enterprise collaboration space in much the same way its competitors were moving in the same direction.

At that stage, all that was really known about SharePoint was contained in a few news items across the web and details were sketchy with no knowledge of the collaborative features it might have. That problem is now in the past and it is unlikely that anyone looking for a social collaboration application is going to choose Connections over SharePoint given even its basic abilities. If you were using Lotus Notes however, it may be a better bet for those looking to collaboration and social computing.

The addition of the new EntropySoft connector adds to that by enabling users to connect with just about any third party application around, it extends the appeal of Connections for those considering it as a buy, while those who already use it should be happy with the new connectivity.