Vital Path PathBuilder Studio Content Integration Migration
If you have ever seen "content migration" go from being a single line in a project plan to being a never-ending saga of tedious database scripting and failed migration attempts, then take heed: there is a tool available. Vital Path, purveyors of the content integration/migration platform known as PathBuilder, announces the availability of its latest product: PathBuilder Studio. PathBuilder Studio takes all of those best practices and lessons learned from previous content migration efforts that are often over-looked in the heat of implementation, and wraps them up with a fancy drag-and-drop GUI.

What Do We Get?

* The aforementioned interface that is intended to enable content owners to migrate content from one repository to another. End users can now schedule migrations using the drag-and-drop designer and receive reports upon completion. * The IT staff, who will not be crazy about end users migrating their own content, will like the integrated security model that will at least restrict users to only the content that matters to them. * The killer feature may be what Vital Path is calling: Auto Repository Build Out. Supposedly, PathBuilder Studio will build out metadata schemas and folder structures as part of the migration process, relieving the end user of performing this error-prone process before hand.

What Does It Look Like?

As you can see from the screenshot below, users have the ability to browse available repositories and schedule processes in the same window. While user interface designers may cringe at the utilitarian nature of the application, the guys in IT will be thankful that there are fewer opportunities for end users to break things.
Vital Path PathBuilder Studio Screenshot

Vital Path PathBuilder Studio

Does PathBuilder Studio Work?

That's the million dollar question. Previous experience shows that content migrations are usually excruciatingly painful endeavors, even when simply migrating between versions of the same product. The efforts usually begin with dreams of using a magical tool to quickly and easily move content from one location to another. However, those dreams usually turn into nightmares of one-off spaghetti code written at the last minute and at about 80% effectiveness. If the latest offering from Vital Path really does what it says it does, then PathBuilder Studio could be the holy grail of content migration applications. And the answer to many system integrator's prayers. If you give it try, come back and drop us a comment about the experience.