With the release of ContentaView 3.3, XyEnterprise makes it possible to support any structured data, including DITA and S1000D, in a single package.v3.3 updates Xy's existing intelligent info delivery offering for Web 2.0 media - that is, interactive, textual and multimedia appearing either online or via DVD/CD-ROM.There's also a new filtering model for S1000D in particular. S1000D is a globally-recognized specification for tech publications and other digital standards. The filtering model also supports proprietary and legacy data.Technical Product Manager Andrew Trese of XyEnterprise explains that the ability to filter by multiple variables, including language level and configuration, makes it infinitely easier to find existing content in a broad database - which, of course, can minimize redundant coverage of data. In the most simplistic of ways this also encourages practical reuse and repurposing. The ability to reuse content without unnecessarily overlapping existing work is a fine art that grows more critical as businesses expand globally. The need to repeat information across a multiplicity of avenues, without obviously duplicating it, is thus becoming an enterprise norm, and it bodes well that ContentaView is acknowledging this need.Users are also able to customize the interface, including buttons, layout, colors and print output. This is, again, a simplistic way of ensuring the platform is intuitive for the everyday use of content developers and technicians.Finally there's a 3D simulation capability, which ContentaView was able to bring forth via integration with a popular virtualization platform. This is a characteristic in which ContentaView sticks out among competitors - few content management offerings have taken advantage of the storage-saving abilities and simulated actions made easily available through virtualization.The 3D simulation lowers rate of error by permitting end users to practice procedure, thereby assessing risks and opportunities, before enacting procedures in reality. This is definitely a boon for die-hard perfectionists.Got a view on XyEnterprise? Or are you an existing ContentaView user? Share your experience.