In a recent overview of Microsoft's Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS) we outlined the six core elements of MOSS that would catalyze change, both within the content management and the business intelligence arenas.Seeking to be among the first to jump-start their SharePoint 2007 business is Virginia-based CorasWorks.They've just released an enterprise program management application, CorasWorks rPrograms, specifically for the SharePoint platform.rPrograms is the first in a new line of packaged enterprise applications that CorasWorks plans to purvey over the next year.What it does is provide a flexible application for program management, enterprise-wide.At heart rPrograms aims to delivery the ownership benefits, without the higher cost, of "point solutions" or custom developed applications.Like their collaboration offering, Workplace Suite, rApplications are modular and can interconnect with technologies that have already been implemented in an enterprise's SharePoint environment.They also reportedly play nicely with other rApplications.The rProgram software enables users to manage their programs from a central location without betraying the project management styles of other project contributors.Among other features it includes program/product initiation, monitoring, decision-making, review and reporting functions."For years, CorasWorks products have made it easier and more cost effective for organizations to build and interconnect business solutions on the SharePoint platform," CorasWorks CEO William Rogers pointed out. "With rPrograms, organizations can deploy an enterprise-wide program management application that quickly delivers increased business value."CorasWorks promises an easy installation, professing that organizations can dig deeply into the product in just a matter of days.rProgram is priced at a whoppin' $15K per enterprise server farm.Each server must have CorasWorks Workplace Suite and the free Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) installed. You can get rPrograms for MOSS 2007 as soon as January.To learn more about rPrograms, check out the (rather sparse) CorasWorks showroom.Microsoft has been changing the SharePoint "P" word from "Portal" to "Platform". Building on the free Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) foundation, CorasWorks are well on board with this approach, and many vendors are sure to follow.