Open Text's eDOCS DM -- the former Hummingbird document management product -- gets its very own SmartRecovery backup product courtesy of Enterprise CMS data integrity software vendor, CYA.CYA, who have worked exclusively with EMC Documentum for more than 8 years, offer software solutions that run in parallel with other Enterprise Content Management systems. Their mission is focused on the protection and recovery of content and metadata, including what the company describes as "complex audit trails." CYA's product is geared towards both ensuring data integrity and helping organizations meet the ongoing compliance and regulatory demands imposed by Sarbanes-Oxely, 21 CFR Part 11, COOP, HIPAA, and other regulations. When deployed as part of an enterprise content management strategy, SmartRecovery's role is to provide safeguards against these risks and to maintain business continuity following system failures or disasters. SmartRecovery works across multiple ECM platforms providing the ability to:
  • Maintain application availability through “hot” or online capture and recovery of discrete metadata with original content
  • Ensure data integrity using CYA Intelli-Capture technology, which performs incremental captures of all changes in the repository in a single pass, and flags application corruptions such as missing records, missing content, and invalid relationships between records
  • Minimize eDiscovery, auditing and litigation penalties by ensuring content and metadata recoverability regardless of origin date and subsequent data alterations
CYA is headquartered in Connecticut. The company launched in 2001 and has been primarily focused on aerospace, financial services, government, high technology, life sciences and manufacturing markets. They partner with EMC/Documentum, Open Text, and IBM/FileNet. Recently the organization is branching out both in terms of ECM vendor platform support and industry verticals. For more information head on over to their corp website.