Following suit in an industry currently tingling with mergers, acquisitions and strategic liaisons, Datum International, Ltd. and Pathway One Plc. have signed a mutual distribution agreement for their KnowledgeWorker and Openshare applications, strengthening the positions of both companies within the enterprise CMS space.The firms have agreed to distribute one another's applications in tangent with their own in the UK and in Italy. This means both firms now have a better chance of reaching a wider technical audience at multiple price points. And considering few heavyweight CMS contenders have appeared in the turbulent European CMS market, this could prove a major advantage. Pathway One's CEO Ian Leith says, "By integrating Openshare and KnowledgeWorker, we can [...] save the customer organisation time and money through one set of project management and implementation costs with a price that matches the licensing costs to the individual user's requirements.” The relationship essentially marries the advantages of administrating organized web content with secure collaboration amongst selected audiences. CEO Les Paul of Datum added that "the combined solutions offer a modular structure that can easily scale to an organization’s current or future needs, providing web content management, document management, business process workflow, digital asset management, collaboration, personalization and integration into back office business applications." The augmented strength of Datum and Pathway's positions in the ECM and info management market bodes well, considering significant growth in data creation, increase in regulation and the growing demand by a wider audience for the same information. Better to pair up with a firm that's strong where you're weak, rather than risking a foray into foreign territory, potentially sacrificing marketshare in your own area of expertise. Gartner foresees the CMS market continuing to grow at 10 percent pa for the next four years. Part of this has to do with the mergers and acquisitions of CMS vendors by strong brands like Oracle, Open Text, EMC and IBM, which can build upon and integrate content management technology with their own offerings. We've always known there's strength in numbers. But pairing up with a heavyweight brand? Priceless.