daybreak releases new version of eCapture
Daybreak ICS has released a new version of eCapture Suite. eCapture 2.0 combines document capture with the ability to deliver content to multiple Enterprise CMS repositories from a single interface. Currently supported repositories include Documentum and eRoom, with more on the way. Daybreak rubbed the corners off eCapture with an extensive beta phase during Q4 2007. During this time the product was deployed at "multiple" Fortune 1000 companies as well as a number of smaller organizations. According to Daybreak, the Beta group was just about bowled over by the licensing model, which has no page-count limitations, an intelligent index field mapping system, and out-of-the-box multiple repository integration. Meanwhile built-in security includes user authentication, access control and secure communications. “With eCapture Suite, we’re changing the game in distributed document capture,” said Kara Cleaver, Daybreak President and CEO. “Scanning and indexing is a tired story, yet an essential business requirement. We bring capture new life, approaching it from the enterprise content management (ECM) side. Users today demand efficient capture capabilities and also want to easily deliver content into their organization’s document management and business processes. eCapture Suite addresses both of these areas.”

What Do I Get It and How Much Do I Pay?

eCapture is modular. The core product is the capture product with repository plug-ins. You can add modules to extend the product, if desired. You can grab it straightaway and indeed avail of a 30-day free trial. When the honeymoon is over, you can look forward to a price structure which starts at $18,000 based on the amount of users and the add-on Enterprise CMS modules required. Head over to Daybreak ICS to learn more.